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20 Juni 2006


KI wird eine Wissenschaft

New Millennium AI and the Convergence of History. [cs.AI/0606081]

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has recently become a real formal science: thenew millennium brought the first mathematically sound, asymptotically optimal,universal problem solvers, providing a new, rigorous foundation for thepreviously largely heuristic field of General AI and embedded agents. At thesame time there has been rapid progress in practical methods for learning truesequence-processing programs, as opposed to traditional methods limited tostationary pattern association. Here we will briefly review some of the newresults, and speculate about future developments, pointing out that the timeintervals between the most notable events in over 40,000 years or 2^9 lifetimesof human history have sped up exponentially, apparently converging to zerowithin the next few decades. Or is this impression just a by-product of the wayhumans allocate memory space to past events?

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