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13 Januar 2006


Blonde Joke : Anatomy of a Meme

Blonde Joke : Anatomy of a Meme: "One of the most popular post here on my blog, and definitely most popular outgoing link, is this Blonde Joke (by the way, check it out if you don’t know it, it’s really a pretty good one)

The amount of traffic it’s been receiving over the last two weeks is pretty unexpected and relatively insane. My friend h0bbel whom I’m linking to in this post got so many hits on his posts that it almost brought his server down to its knees. Seriously, Blonde Joke Effect > Digg Effect :)

Someone with way too much free time spent a few hours digging through search engines and made up a graph of no less than 401 interconnected blonde jokes (graph and explanation on his site). Another futile and necessary study, someone had to do it :)

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