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13 Dezember 2005


Technorati's tortoise

Technorati's tortoise: "I like Technorati, the blog-based search engine. I've been a user since the early days, I know people who work there, and I put in some time to add Technorati links to Salon's pages. I've read Dave Sifry's honest admissions of the company's scaling problems and the efforts they've made to improve the response speed and up-time of their service. The Technorati site indeed seems to work a lot better these days.

But I'm still finding that, for my blog at least, it's simply not doing a very timely job, and 'real-time search' is what Technorati is supposed to be all about. For instance, right now it's reporting that I haven't updated for three days, even while it lists several links to my newer posts. And the RSS feed for the search on links to my blog -- which I subscribed to many moons ago -- has been broken for ages; the search you do on Technorati proper returns plenty of results, but the feed almost never includes what's in the site search. Have they given up on RSS? Is Technorati still hobbling? Is there something I should be doing that I'm not? What's the deal? "
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