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06 Dezember 2005


Synchronize Your Bookmarks Between Different Computers - Pain in the Tech

"Keeping your bookmarks synchronized between different computers is difficult since operating systems represent data differently. While social bookmarking sites like digg and del.icio.us, or RSS readers like Google?s Personalized Home and Bloglines let account holders store links and feeds to their favorite sites, I?ve found that I still want to use traditional bookmarks, but am frustrated when I move between my different computers and they are not there. With the Bookmarks Synchronizer Firefox extension and an FTP account, this problem goes away. If you don?t have access to an FTP server, I?ll show you how to setup a free account at Ripway that you can use with this extension. I?ve successfully used Bookmarks Synchronizer with the latest version of Firefox, on Windows and OS X. The extension can even be configured to upload bookmarks when you close Firefox, and download them when you open it?making it even more convenient.
1. Installing Bookmarks Synchronizer

The first thing you will have to do is visit the Mozilla extensions page and either search for ?Bookmarks Synchronizer? or click this link. At the time of this writing I am running Firefox 1.0.7 for Windows and OS X, and at least one user has had a successful installation with 1.5RC. If you can?t remember"
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