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03 November 2005


Who's Going, I'm Going!

"We've added the ability to say, 'I'm going to this event!' on any event detail page. Just look for the 'Who's Going' section on the page, and click the 'Are you going?' link (you'll need to be signed in first) and the system will immediately add you to the list of folks who are going! If you need to remove your name from the list, just click 'Not going?' and presto, the list will update automatically.

Also, on your user profile page, you can now see a list of all the events you've indicated you're going to. And other users can see as well (that is, which public events you've indicated your attending).

Some History on Who's Going, I'm Going
Some years back when I was originally thinking about what I wanted EVDB to be (including what is now Eventful), I explicitly did not want to do 'Who's Going'. And then when Andy Baio's project launched in Sept. 2003 I remember thinking: this is not what I want to do, in the sense that the whole center of the universe for Upcoming seemed to me to be the information about attendance. It was, after all, a social event calendar, so info on 'who's going' was naturally extremely useful. As long as you knew who the people were.

I remember thinking, that's cool, but do I care? Do I as a user care if I see 9, 19, 99, or 99"
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