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22 November 2005


The Search Is Reviewed By The NYT

The Search Is Reviewed By The NYT: "With David's book as well. It's a combo deal. Ugh. I knew that was going to happen. But I'm pleased with it, regardless. From it:

'The Google Story' and 'The Search' cast those accomplishments in opposite lights. While they overlap considerably - and while both books flatter Google with covers that mimic its brilliantly modest logo - they interpret Google's ethics and future prospects differently. The sky's the limit in 'The Google Story,' a glowing, sometimes credulous testament to 'that Googley sense of magic.' Mr. Battelle takes a more knowing, technical approach and is more inclined to look for trouble.

I'll take that.

OK, on to the FT awards. A fun day in London today. What a swell city.... "
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