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09 November 2005


Sandgate VP Windows Mobile VoIP smartphone - Engadget - www.engadget.com

Sandgate VP Windows Mobile VoIP smartphone - Engadget - www.engadget.com: "Sandgate VP Windows Mobile VoIP smartphone

Posted Nov 8, 2005, 10:15 PM ET by Marc Perton
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sgvpSure, the Sandgate VP, from Japan?s Sophia Systems, might be a niche product, but it?s a niche we?re in already, so it looks pretty good to us. The phone is, for lack of a better term, a VoIP smartphone. Outfitted with Windows Mobile 5, a 520MHz processor, WiFi and USB, it also has a 2.2-inch screen and CF slot. And, yes, you could use just about any Pocket PC as a VoIP phone if you add a WiFi card and the right software. But this one has those things already, along with that phone shape, making it something that could be very handy for regular Skype users looking for a compact, user-friendly wireless"
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