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03 November 2005


One of the coolest things I've seen recently c...

One of the coolest things I've seen recently came out of a smallgroup of hackers in the Search group at Yahoo. During the developmentof the new version of Yahoo! Maps (launched tonight withmulti-point routing and othergoodies), someone wondered what we could do to show off the newMaps and APIs.

Given that mashups are all the rage, it seemed like the natural wayto go. From there, this small group began to hack on some ideas andultimately developed the Local Events Browseras a demonstration of what can be done with the new MapsAJAX API, ImageSearch API, TermExtraction API, LocalSearch API, and GeocodingAPI. (It's a demo app--no docs and fancy stuff.)

Simply put, it's a highly interactive map based browser for localevents. I could spend a lot more time trying to describe what itdoes, but go play withit and see.

If you've been wondering what Chad has been doingsince hejoined Yahoo, now you know. :-)

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