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07 November 2005

I was looking up movies on Google for a new test file for the OPML Validator, and noted that they now have showtimes and reviews. Nicely done. I heard Bill Gates quoted as saying that their search results will eventually catch up with Google's. But that's not the game. I'm sure he remembers Ken Olson, who said that eventually their desktop computers would be faster than Apple's. I'm sure they were. Didn't matter. Everyone was using Macs. (For a while at least.) Now I imagine Bill thinks he's going to do to Google what he did to Apple, but I don't think so. We're developing usage patterns that are hard to break. When MS comes up with a service that I lust for that I can't get on Google, then we might have something. But tail-light-chasing won't cut it here. I got my habits, and Google keeps giving me more. There are things on Yahoo I can't find on Google. Until today one of them was an excellent aggregation of movie reviews and showtimes. But Google just made it easier for me to use theirs."
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