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04 November 2005

"Geoblogging     So I tried something new here. On my trip last week up to Oakland and back, I took the customary series of pictures of the scenes below. But this time, I annotated many pictures in each series, some with descriptions and links. (Thank you, Google Maps.)  In other words, I blogged the trips at Flickr, rather than here.  The first was LAX-OAK. It involved quite a few discoveries. Malibu Bluff Park, for example. Los Angeles immense sewage treatment system, just off the end of the runway, next to the Pacific. And mysteries like this arrangements of ponds and quarried holes (maybe one of ya'll knows what that is), next to Highway 680 in the East Bay, across from the Sunol Valley Golf Course, near the intersection with Highway 84, in what I discovered is the Vallecitos Valley. There are the communications facilities atop Sunol Peak, a peek down into the upscale valley through which Palomares Road threads itself, and a new house, just built, overlooking the same valley. I spotted a huge block of what seems to be serpentine jutting out of a valley near Mount Hamilton, and took the opportunity to discuss its likely origins at some length in the descripton below the shot. I spotted Meek Park, with its victorian mansion, which, with McConaghy Park and Cherryland Park, are what remains of the vast orchards that have"
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