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21 November 2005


Aus den Technikblogs dieser Welt


"Producer Cockpit   The initials are already used, but the label describes my ideal way to go on the Net, and what comes to mind as I read Geoff Moore's call for renovating the UI we inherited from the typewriter. He writes,  The current UI is still tied indirectly to the PC�s original root metaphor, a typewriter.  It needs to transition to another � the stock trader�s workstation on Wall Street. It needs to recast itself as a media machine, with many concurrent feeds that enable traders to scan for information, detect trends, and transact, all very rapidly.  Switching between states, foregrounding one without losing the context of the others in background, is the technical requirement. Picture-within-picture on a TV is a crude example.  I think we can do much better.  I think Geoff's angle is still a little too much about consumption, rather than production. I may read and look at ('watch' is too TV) stuff on my laptop screen. But most of the time what I do is at least as much about production. I participate. And I'm not alone. Dave Sifry this morning reports 21.5 million blogs with 1.7 million links, just in Technorati's index.  And that's just bloggers. Emailers and IMers and gamers all participate too, in larger numbers. The Net doesn't mediate those activities as much as it provides a place w"
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