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26 Oktober 2005


Welcome Google to the world of microcontent


I guess I don't make it onto Jason Shellen's list. And I guess Adam Bosworth doesn't consider me important enough to get back to me and followup from our meetings on microcontent from six months ago.

Oh well - cause it sure is nice to see Google swallow the red pill so hard. And gulp it down.

Regardless of what their schemas loOk like, we'll support them and bake them into our 'Structured Blogging' compatiblity box. That way people won't be locked into the Google schema and can post their Reviews, Events, Lists, etc. - anywhere they want.

They can choose to put it into Google cloud - or anywhere else. Or both. That's what the 'OutputThis' service will alow - sending stuff to multiple locations - your favoritre destinations.

Anyway - this is great news for us 'structured content nuts' - as long as Google publicly exposes all this content and lets others spider it and index it - as well.

Here we go.

I bet Tantek is happy - too. And Bob and Salim.

Now where was that San Francisco Restaurant Reviews server? I'd better go ask Gavin."

Interessante Neuigkeiten bei Google
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