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28 Oktober 2005


IzPack 3.8.0 (Stable branch)

IzPack is a powerful Java installer builder. It is able to create lightweight and modular installers. You have the choice of the installer panels you want to use (some can do the same job, so that you can select the one you prefer), and you even have the choice of the kind of installer that you want to use. IzPack doesn't use any portion of native code, it is designed to be fully independent from the operating system that runs it. It is very easy for the end user with a properly installed JVM to use an installer made with IzPack, since a single 'java -jar installer.jar' will launch it. License: The Apache License 2.0 Changes:
Among the many improvements in this release, you will find new compression options (none, gzip/deflate, bzip2), new XHTML documentation, many look and feel fixes, better integration on Mac OS X, better support for shortcuts in FreeDesktop.org-compliant environments, and a refactored compiler. Users are strongly advised to upgrade to this new version.
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