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28 Oktober 2005


4Suite XML 1.0b2 (Default branch)

4Suite XML is a Python-based toolkit for XML application development. It features a library of integrated tools for XML processing, implementing open technologies such as DOM, SAX, XPath, XSLT, XInclude, XPointer, XLink, XUpdate, RELAX NG, and XML/SGML Catalogs. The RDF and Repository components of 4Suite are separate packages that must be installed separately, on top of 4Suite XML. License: The Apache License Changes:
4Suite is now three separate packages: 4Suite XML (XML, XPath, XSLT, related technologies, and support libraries), 4Suite RDF (RDF processing libraries and persistence API), and 4Suite Repository (XML and RDF repository). If you need the RDF or repository features of 4Suite, stick with 4Suite 1.0b1 for now.

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